users have rated our establishment

“GreatĀ littlespot that is in a wonderful location. I love the service at night and the beautifulĀ paintings on the wall. The whole wheat crust is the best I have ever tasted!! I will come back again and again.”

The Bennetts


“The best family dining in Durango! All ages of children are welcome! If you go when the buffet is open you are eating immediately. They have a wonderful salad bar with lots of fresh veggies, cheese, beans and dressings. Their soups are made fresh daily in the restaurant which is part of the salad bar. The buffet is a great value. They also have a full menu if you don’t want the buffet. Their pizza is the best in Durango with a great whole wheat crust. They also offer a Gluten Free pizza for those who have problems with products made with flour. The next time we visit Durango it will be the first place we eat.”

The Easterlings